Nurturing Africa's Digital Revolution for Agriculture

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NADiRA – video 2

NADiRA is an innovative solution combining operationally EO satellite data with information collected on the field by local agents and IoT sensors to support the agriculture production services orchestrated by[…]

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NADiRA – video 1

A contribution of Copernicus EO satellites to improving risk management and efficiency in the agricultural value chains to the benefit of African smallholder farmers productivity, financial security and welfare.

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Plowing through COVID-19 lockdowns: Mathematicians injecting fresh thinking into climate resilience research

Source : Standing up to COVID-19’s gridlock, a team of scientists engaged in an unprecedented learning experience in the largest intake of AIMS alumni to date. With no time[…]

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Building a secure environement for stakeholders to invest in agriculture

NADiRA is a Horizon 2020 innovation action to develop and secure agriculture in Africa through sustainable digital farming solutions. NADiRA includes the industrialization of Earth Observation products, sensors IoT data and mobile devices giving stakeholders the key information to invest in smallholder farming in Africa.


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