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NADiRA presentation leaflet is available [Downloads]

The first version of NADiRA leafltet presents the project and objectives for a general public and stakeholders interested on the project.   Download the leaflet

Illustration of de-risking agriculture through Earth Observation

This illustration of de-risking agriculture through Earth Observation is based on a satellite image and a comparison beween two parcels.   1 – Absence of plowing by farmer indicates delayed preparedness and higher risk of defaulting on loan reimbursement, either from diversion of purpose or depressed yield arising from late fertilization. Credit disbursement is stalled,…
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Spacebel heading NADiRA project to increase Africa’s agricultural business transformation

The EC funded NADiRA project (Nurturing Africa Digital Revolution for Agriculture – ID N776309) is a H2020 innovation action aiming at Accelerating Africa’s agricultural transformation through the incorporation of Earth Observation in digital smallholder value chains.