NADiRA was jointly conceived by SpaceBel – a leading Space company in Europe – and Manobi – the African pioneer in value chain orchestration covering the agriculture, water, artisans fisheries, sanitation and local governance sectors.
Both key actors are leading an international consortium of reputable organizations comprising SwissRe (Switzerland), the University of Liège (Belgium), Viveris Technologies (France), ICRISAT (Nigeria) and the EUGENIUS association (France).

Spacebel S.A., a Belgian SME, is a software engineering company operating in the Space and Earth monitoring application sectors. Spacebel provides Earth Observation microsatellite solutions, on board software systems for satellites and space vehicles, satellite simulation systems, ground systems for control and mission centers and geospatial information systems support and services.
With 30 years of experience in the development of software solutions for European Space infrastructures, i.e. for satellite on-board control, satellite mission & control centres, and dissemination of data from space-borne sensors, Spacebel is active in the development and marketing of Earth Observation based applications dedicated to natural resource monitoring and risk management, technological solutions for access to Earth Observation sensors, for interoperability of application services and for dissemination of information to users.

In NADiRA, Spacebel coordinates the project and leads the provision of the Geospatial Data Centre infrastructure; Spacebel also secures the provision of satellite Earth Observation data.

MANOBI pioneers the use of digital solutions for agriculture and other key sectors in Africa since 2003. Founded in Senegal, the company invented the first mobile-phone based agricultural market information system ever used in the world by smallholder farmers. MANOBI later extended its portfolio of mobile2web business development services to the water, sanitation, and governance sectors, to generate value chain efficiency, everywhere and for everyone. Today, MANOBI is an African SME present in 14 countries across the continent and beyond, with core business in the orchestration of value creation in smallholder value chains. Its agCelerant™ phygital ecosystem connects over 50.000 agricultural smallholders to banks, insurance, input suppliers and agro-industries and covers the needs of the entire agricultural value chain continuum, from production to commercialization. 

In NADiRA, MANOBI is the business partner providing the requirements for the NADiRA services to support the development of current and future business with credit institutions, insurance companies, input suppliers, agro-industries and farmers. MANOBI is the technical manager of the project and coordinator of pilots.

The Swiss Re Group is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Founded in 1863, Swiss Re provides its products and services globally to insurance and reinsurance companies as well as large industrial clients. In its agricultural reinsurance team, Swiss Re supports specialized insurance companies from six locations with a staff of 30 experts. Agricultural reinsurance covers the production and financial risks of farmers and related shortfall risks of interconnected stakeholders, such as input suppliers or grain processors. As part of Swiss Re’s value proposition, it develops Earth Observation based index insurance products for our clients and farmers around the globe. While still small, this technology has a huge potential to address risks insured so far such as grasslands or smallholder crop production.

In NADiRA, Swiss Re acts as a consultant, reviewer and outreach support partners. Swiss Re’s agriculture team has broad experience in developing and reviewing agricultural insurance products jointly with clients globally. This includes both indemnity and index. With active business relationships with insurance companies in 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, plus a large network of other stakeholders ranging from development cooperation to governments and academia, Swiss Re can strongly support the outreach, benefits realization and upscaling of NADiRA.

The ‘Water-Environment-Development’ unit is involved in research and teaching activities in the area of the characterization and management of water resources and agriculture, especially in the context of developing countries. Two main axis are developed: the analyis and development of integrated water management systems (research group: IWM), and the study of relationships between atmospheric conditions and crop growth and development (research group: Agro-Meteorology).
The unit has long experience in crop yield forecasting through numerous research projects combining remote sensing data and agro-meteorological data for analyzing crop growth in different contexts and different scales (field, regional and/or national level). Its yield forecasting and agricultural decision support tools has been successfully set-up in several countries (Armenia, Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, Ethiopia, Morocco, Niger & Senegal).

In NADiRA, the University of Liege mainly focuses on the parcel level crop monitoring and yield forecasting by assimilating satellite data and crop models. These Earth Observation derived products will be integrated together with the agCelerant (Manobi) and GEP (Spacebel) platforms.

Viveris Technologies is a French company from the VIVERIS group, owned by its main executives. VIVERIS provides IT services in the enterprise management and technology engineering areas. Distributed geographic facilities, technical expertise and experience for large project management are the competitive advantages for VIVERIS to provide global solutions to its customers. Viveris Technologies has worked in network development and embedded systems for nearly 20 years for industrial and R&D purposes. In this context, Viveris Technologies developed leading skills in the development of communicating embedded systems. Through strategic partnership with several industrial structures, Viveris complements its own competences and secured a leadership position in the manufacturing of industrial connected objects.

In NADiRA, Viveris Technologies is in charge of the design and prototyping ofconnected objects to be installed in the pilot sites, and leads a market study to recommend the best solution for the procurement of these sensors and their industrialization in Africa.

ICRISAT – the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics – is a non-profit, non-political organization that conducts agricultural research for development with a wide array of partners troughout the world. ICRISAT helps innovate against hunger, poverty, malnutrition and environmental degradation working across whole value chains with science-based solutions. ICRISAT has specialized knowledge on the drylands, which cover 55 counntries in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, hosting 2 billion people, 644 million of whom are poor. ICRISAT catalyzes innovation through sustainable on-farm intensification and agri-businesses, following an Inclusive Market-Oriented Development approach (IMOD), leveraging multidisciplinary science, ground presence and partner networks, and participatory methods. 

In NADiRA, ICRISAT supports the development of relevant and embedded advisory services that reduce climate risk in rainfed agriculture using cropping systems and value chain models. ICRISAT also contributes to outreach activities in Africa and beyond.

Founded by nine European SMEs willing to develop a network composed of enterprises from European regions, EUGENIUS is a non-profit organization which transforms isolated European SMEs into a powerful network of expert partners serving their proximity users, and provides a European grouped solution responding to the land-cover and natural resources policies.

In NADiRA, the EUGENIUS Association is in charge of the dissemination and exploitation activities, to raise awareness and transfer knowledge developed in NADiRA inside Europe through its network of members. The EUGENIUS Association also supports the dissemination organized and managed by the NADiRA partners in Africa and Asia.


Meet our international team, working on digital solutions for the future of agriculture.


Senior Advisor


Remote Sensing Engineer

Christophe NOEL

Project Manager


Business Unit Manager


Remote Sensing Engineer


PR & Communication Manager



Pierre C. Sibiry TRAORE

Manobi – ICRISAT
Director, R&D & (Digital Agriculture)



Bernard TYCHON

Université de Liège
Professor; Head of Water, Environment & Development lab (WED)


Université de Liège
Head of  IWRM & food security work group (branch of the WED lab)


Business Manager

Sylvain COUTU

Swiss Re
R&D manager Agriculture

Hakeem Ayinde AJEIGBE

Principal Scientist & Systems Agronomist

Anthony Michael WHITBREAD

Research Program Director, Innovation Systems for the Drylands

Folorunso Matthew AKINSEYE

Post-doctoral fellow (Systems Modeling)

Andree Mentho NENKAM

Scientific Officer (Climate Services)




General Manager & CEO


Communication Officer


Product Manager Agriculture